Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MSMS Students and Program Director Help Coach Sim Team to Victory.

New Orleans - Drexel University emergency medicine residents won the SimWars National Championship at the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine in New Orleans, LA on Friday.    

Picture left to right Alex Vazzano, PGY2 year; Ben Liss, PGY3; Sara Mistal PGY2; Russell Goldstein PGY3.

The team of second and third year emergency medicine residents included Ben Liss, Russell Goldstein, Sara Misthal, and Alex Vazzano.  They competed on stage against six other talented emergency medicine residency teams from across the country. The victory is a testament to the hard work of the residents and also the quality of training they receive every day at clinical sites and in the simulation lab. 

Andy Godwin, Chair of University of Florida, Jacksonville and a co-creator of SimWars, said "Drexel's residents' management of the simulated mass casualty case was the best run MCI Simulation he's ever seen".

The team was coached by Drexel University EM faculty members: Jessica Parsons, EM Associate Residency Director and Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation (MSMS) student; Srikala Ponnuru, Emergency Medicine Interim Program Director and Simulation Fellowship Director; Sharon Griswold, Director of the MSMS program; and Amanda Crichlow, MSMS Student and Drexel Medical Simulation Fellow.

Drexel will look to defend their national championship this October at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Assembly in Las Vegas.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

IMSH 6th Annual Journal Club

Dr. Sharon Griswold, Director of the Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation program at Drexel University, was honored to host the 6th Annual Simulation Journal club at the 2016 IMSH meeting in San Diego.

The team of six faculty reviewed more than 2000 articles published from 2014 and 2015 to select the top ten articles with high impact and patient outcomes. Authors were invited to share their special insight into their simulation research at the journal club presentation.
The team would like to offer a special thanks to Gary Childs, MLS of the Drexel University Library team who has contributed his talents to the article search each year.

From left to right, Drs. Andy Musitz, Heidi Baer, Amanda Crichlow, Sharon Griswold, Tiffany Moadel and Ambrose Wong.  Dr. Amanda Crichlow is also a first year student in the Drexel University Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation program.
Drs. Sullivan, Gordon and Hunt were among the Simmy 2016 Award Winners.

Here is a full list of the selected 2016 Simulation Journal Club articles:

Braun, L. S., T.; Smith, K.; Hsu, A.; Behrens, M.; Chan, D.; Hutchinson, J.; Lu, D.; Singh, R.; Reyes, J.; Lopreiato, J. (2015). Retention of pediatric resuscitation performance after a simulation-based mastery learning session: a multicenter randomized trial. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 16(2), 131-138. 
Crofts, J., Lenguerrand, E., Bentham, G., Tawfik, S., Claireaux, H., Odd, D., . . . Draycott, T. (2015). Prevention of brachial plexus injury-12 years of shoulder dystocia training: an interrupted time-series study. BJOG.
Faulkner, A. R. B., A. C.; Bradley, Y. C.; Hudson, K. B.; Heidel, R. E.; Pasciak, A. S. (2015). Simulation-Based Educational Curriculum for Fluoroscopically Guided Lumbar Puncture Improves Operator Confidence and Reduces Patient Dose. Academic Radiology, 22(5), 668-673.
Hoskote, S. S. K., H.; Lanoix, R.; Rose, K.; Aqeel, A.; Clark, M.; Chalfin, D.; Shapiro, J.; Han, Q. (2015). Simulation-based training for emergency medicine residents in sterile technique during central venous catheterization: impact on performance, policy, and outcomes. Academic Emergency Medicine, 22(1), 81-87. 
Kessler, D. P., M.; Chang, T. P.; Fein, D. M.; Grossman, D.; Mehta, R.; White, M.; Jang, J.; Whitfill, T.; Auerbach, M.; Inspire Lp investigators. (2015). Impact of Just-in-Time and Just-in-Place Simulation on Intern Success With Infant Lumbar Puncture. Pediatrics, 135(5), e1237-1246. 
Peltan, I. D. S., T.; Gordon, J. A.; Currier, P. F. (2015). Simulation Improves Procedural Protocol Adherence During Central Venous Catheter Placement A Randomized Controlled Trial. Simulation in Healthcare-Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 10(5), 270-276.
Sarfati, L. R., F.; Vantard, N.; Schwiertz, V.; Gauthier, N.; He, S.; Kiouris, E.; Gourc-Berthod, C.; Gu├ędat, M. G.; Alloux, C.; Gustin, M. P.; You, B.; Trillet-Lenoir, V.; Freyer, G.; Rioufol, C. (2015). SIMMEON-Prep study: SIMulation of Medication Errors in ONcology: prevention of antineoplastic preparation errors. Journal of Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics, 40(1), 55-62 58p.
Sullivan, N. J. D.-A., J.; Twilley, M.; Smith, S. P.; Aksamit, D.; Boone-Guercio, P.; Jeffries, P. R.; Hunt, E. A. (2015). Simulation exercise to improve retention of cardiopulmonary resuscitation priorities for in-hospital cardiac arrests: A randomized controlled trial. Resuscitation, 86, 6-13. oi:10.1016/j.resuscitation.2014.10.021
Zigmont, J. J., Wade, A., Edwards, T., Hayes, K., Mitchell, J., & Oocumma, N. Utilization of Experiential Learning, and the Learning Outcomes Model Reduces RN Orientation Time by More Than 35%. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 11(2), 79-94.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

MSMS Program Welcomes Dr. Ericchetti!

The Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation Program is pleased to welcome Anthony Ericchetti, PhD, CHSE as an adjunct faculty member.  Dr. Ericchetti is the course director of the debriefing course.

Tony Errichetti earned his PhD in psychoeducation from Temple University with a focus on group dynamics and organizational development. In his first career he was a professor of psychology and used simulations to train therapists.
Since that time he has specialized in standardized patient (SP) education.  He started by serving as a standardized patient to train psychiatry residents, and then became an SP trainer in 1992 at the National Board of Medical Examiners in Philadelphia. He is now director of doctor-patient communication assessment at the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners. Between his two national board positions, he has worked for over 20 years developing and directing medical school and hospital-based simulations centers in Philadelphia and New York.
Dr. Errichetti started the first MS program in Medical/Healthcare Simulation in 2012 at the NYIT-College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is proud to be teaching in Drexel’s MS in Medical and Healthcare Simulation program.
In 2011 he co-founded The Simulation Studio, where he continues to serve as co-director, organizing patient simulation conferences for SPs and SP trainers at medical and nursing schools.

Come and learn more about the Drexel MSMS program at IMSH 2016

The Drexel University Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation Program is excited to be attending the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare Conference in San Diego this January 16-20.  

The Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation (MSMS) program is a unique, part-time, two-year program that is the first of its kind to offer advanced training in simulation teaching, curriculum design, and the fundamentals of simulation research in an interprofessional setting. This degree program will prepare healthcare professions to further their academic career in healthcare simulation via quality, effective, simulation-based medical education, research, management, leadership and teamwork skills.To learn more about the MSMS Program at Drexel University visit our website: and stop by our booth at IMSH #827.