Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Drexel University’s MS in Medical & Healthcare Simulation Program Welcomes the Next Interprofessional Cohort

As the inaugural group of the Master of Science in Medical & Healthcare Simulation (MSMS) program enters their second year of classes, Drexel welcomes their second cohort of ten students into the program.

The new class hails from a diverse interprofessional background, including registered nurses, physicians, a physician assistant, oral surgical assistant and an anesthesia technician.  Having such a dynamic group will surely lead to interesting discussions revolving around trends in medical & healthcare simulation in all fields.

The class has already had the opportunity to meet each other in a virtual setting.  After using a VoiceThread® introduction to meet each other and the faculty, the students had a virtual synchronous session to say hello and familiarize themselves with the online course modalities.  While many of the students come from all over the United States and Puerto Rico, two students, who are both from Wisconsin, realized they were only a couple hours away from each other. 

“Its wonderful to see the students are already beginning to bond and exchange stories about their involvement in simulation. We are looking forward to meeting our new class in person for our first practicum week in October and are so excited to expand the curriculum for our inaugural class.” said Sharon Griswold-Theodorson, MD, Director of the MSMS program.