Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MSMS Student Elizabeth Horsley Earns Simulation Award

Elizabeth Horsley, part of the inaugural group of students in the Drexel University Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation program, has been awarded the SIM-one 2015 Sim Citizenship Award.  Elizabeth is a simulation educator at Brock University's Nursing Program in Ontario, Canada.

The SIM Citizenship Award recognizes Ontario simulationists who have made important contributions in the healthcare simulation field. It honors those who have made an outstanding impact on education, teaching, creative professional activities, and other endeavors. The award praises collaborative and dedicated simulationists who exceed the expectations of their role in promoting simulation in their communities. 
We are very proud of Elizabeth and look forward to following her future contributions to the scholarship of simulation education!
Congratulating the 2015 SIM Citizenship Award recipients (Left to right: Judy Bornais, University of Windsor; Steven Lester (on behalf of David Starmer), CMCC; Tony Mallette, Lambton College; Elizabeth Horsley, Brock University; and Bruce Ballon, SIM-one)
photo: courtesy of SIM-one
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